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13 Jul 2016


Transition Lenses

Transitions is actually a brand name identify of the Photocromic Lens. Despite the fact that transitions are almost certainly probably the most advanced photochromic lens out there there are various other folks out there.

Folks get in touch with Photochromic lenses by all distinct types of names such as Transitions, Reactolite, Reactions and I have even read them named Graduations. Nonetheless, they're all Photo chromic lenses.

Photochromic lenses are distinct lenses that respond with UV and produce a tint impact based around the level of UV existing.

When wearing Photochromic lenses even a dull working day some reaction will happen making a really pale tint then on a very bright working day exactly where more UV is existing they will turn very dim. When wearing them indoors they will turn out to be obvious.

The concept driving photochromic lenses is the fact that they will offer the appropriate level of safety for your varying mild conditions you knowledge. Even so, when driving, your auto windscreen will block a specific amount of UV which can be necessary to produce the lens respond so they'll not work and also they'd outdoors on the auto.

The 2 Most common Photocromic Lenses

Transitions Lenses

Transitions are obtainable in Regular Plastic, Poly Carbonate, 1.6 and 1.67 Lenses. They are the fastest reacting lens available on the market and will react into sunglasses within 30 seconds. Nevertheless, they will take longer than that to go very clear once again if you go inside.

Reactolite Lenses

Reactolite is really a brand name name given into a Glass photochromic lens. They usually do not react and also the transitions and therefore are considerably heavier to wear. However, one particular very good issue about glass reactolite is that they function significantly far better driving a car windscreen than the transitions do. (If only we could possess the very best of both worlds.)

In many circumstances the Transitions lens would be the favored selection because of the more than all ease and comfort and performance.

Photocromic lenses are ideal inside the sense that they can conserve you getting to purchase two pairs of eyeglasses ie, Very clear glasses along with a pair of Sunglasses. Nevertheless, many folks who put on transitions also possess a less expensive tinted pair just to use within the vehicle.



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